Support BOMB Magazine's mission to deliver the artist's voice by donating today. —Ben Neill is  a composer, performer and designer of the mutantrumpet, a computer-interactive instrument. BN Let’s talk a little more about the aesthetics of sampling. He wanted to show how the vinyl record is just a physical item, and that it is just a carrier of the sound. I’m okay as long as I do something that’s creative, that’s different, that doesn’t say, This is mine. He won a Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Biennale as the best artist for this film. Now djing is an all-encompassing term that can mean anything—from mixing records to playing your laptop. It was a lot more difficult then to do a sound piece in a regular gallery show, because sound is so hard to contain. CM Yes, and we all learned from each other. Up and Out juxtaposed footage from Antonioni’s 1966 film Blow-Up with the sound track of Brian de Palma’s 1981 homage to that film, Blow Out. If you watch Quartet without the sound, the images are suggestive, but they don’t add up to much in a narrative sense, although we try to make meaning out of it. I had an assistant to help with research and pick up tapes from video rental stores. In order to interfere with the architecture of the sound, he was breaking records and playing them on turntables, and gluing them together. The video will play as part of the exhibition, which also includes some Duchamp artifacts from the Philadelphia Museum’s collection and an assortment of glass Liberty Bells, souvenirs that I’ve found in collections in Philadelphia and bought on eBay. For one thing I rarely travel for music now, because I’m busy with my visual work. Entre 1977 et 1980, Marclay étudie à l’École Supérieure d'Art Visuel de Genève et la sculpture à l’université d’art du … His mother was American so he held a double nationality. For me, a naive amateur, it was fascinating to be able to actually perform with talented and knowledgeable musicians. See more ideas about christian marclay, christian, art. Christian Marclay expose une installation Shake Rattle and Roll (Flumix) et une série de photographies déchirées d’un défilé en fanfare. And Video Quartet is a four-screen cinematic experience that uses snippets of music-making scenes from movies to create a seamless audio-visual collage. The time-based aspect of sound is a vocabulary that is similar to programming. Moholy-Nagy at the Bauhaus, for instance, experimented with drawing grooves directly on the disc. There is the evolution of technologies, and then there is the evolution of the aesthetics that go along with technologies. “I’ve always been interested in how sound is visualized,” he explains. There is a visual element when performing in front of an audience. Christian Marclay is an American-Swiss artist known for his sculptures, videos, and music, especially his sound collages. In his Video Quartet from 2002, he put together scenes from Hollywood films where actors play instruments and make music, and he created a 13-minute long audio-visual experience that shows how authentic music looks like. In his work, music can be both seen and heard. And it’s easier to bring sound into a museum or a gallery now. The artwork itself functions as a clock: its presentation is synchronized with the local time, resulting in the time shown in a scene being the actual time. Durée : 24 heures. For the viewer it seems normal to jump cut from one actor in one space to another in a completely different space, or from one film to another. ... Christian Marclay : « La musique m’a sorti de mon atelier He found the best energy in the music and dance clubs 30 years ago, and nowadays the difference between those clubs and galleries is not that big. What the hell is he doing? At the moment I’m also working on a survey exhibition of my work at the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, which opens June 1. Installation view, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Some of the artists that inspired him are Joseph Beuys and Yoko Ono, and his journey into the visual and audio art was conceptual and philosophical since the very beginning. Ultimately the economics of it are the crux. BOMB's Oral History Project is dedicated to collecting, documenting, and preserving the stories of distinguished visual artists of the African Diaspora. Né aux États-Unis, Christian Marclay a grandi en Suisse. My work as a visual artist deals with sound and music, and I’ve always thought of music as something close to performance art. The sound is the essence of his creative production, and he spent almost half of his lifetime playing in bands, mixing , experimenting and developing innovative ways to transform the tone. That was a huge limitation. Body Mix collection from 1992, features different album covers stitched together, so the Michal Jackson has been combined with a female body with one black and one white leg. Marlcay was born in California in 1955 and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. CM It was commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Fondation Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, in Luxembourg. The founder of gelbe MUSIK, the renowned record store and gallery space, speaks about its history. Music is a nice diversion from being in the studio worrying about my next art show. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is the largest art institution in New Zealand, with a collection numbering over 15,000 works. Pionnier dans l‘usage instrumental des platines vinyles pour créer des collages sonores, Christian Marclay est, dans les mots du critique Thom Jurek, peut-être « l’inventeur inconscient du turntablism. Telephone scenes are ubiquitous in films. Christian Marclay is a London and New York based visual artist and composer whose innovative work explores the juxtaposition between sound recording, photography, video and film. “I’ve always been interested in how sound is visualized,” he explains. His mother was American so he held a double nationality. by Betsy Sussler, Sally Gall’s Subterranea Sometimes I’d find a great image, but the sound didn’t make sense in the context, or the other way around. Christian Marclay : Musical « iconoclasism » and an instrumental interrogative Christian Marclay a polyvalent/multiform artist who improvises and performs. They were working with tape loops, but that was essentially sequenced music. They put their money together and can afford to buy an expensive work of art. CM I’ve never had a problem. Christian Marclay’s works are made from objects, images, and sounds that already exist, which he appropriates and manipulates. CM On the contrary. He holds both American and Swiss nationality. View Christian Marclay’s 224 artworks on artnet. CM I became aware of Cage in the late ’70s, from the point of view of art more than music. He was born in California and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, by his American mother and Swiss father. More recently you’ve been working with video and sound together in your installations. Marclay was born in California and he grew up in Switzerland, where he attended the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Visuel in Geneva and later continued his education at the Massachusetts College of Art and Cooper Union in New York. They are as much a part of life as anything else. Even though we may not remember exactly where a clip came from, we saw it originally with the same sound attached to it. A few years ago I did a single channel piece called Telephones, for which I edited film clips of people on the telephone. You have done a lot of pieces in the visual art world that didn’t involve sound but were aboutsound. Christian Marclay (American, b.1955) is a sculptor, video artist, and musician. I ended up singing the songs myself, while the film never happened. It’s a huge project. The whole phenomenon of a dj mix record, which is basically saying. The artist loves to change the initial purpose and shape of the object, whether that is video, vinyl record or poster, so he could pull out the hidden meaning, or just emphasize the original one. Christian Marclay - Cartoonish Action Smak, Squish, Splsh No 2, photo credits Standard UK Shaping the Avantgarde Spirit. 24-hours long, the installation is a montage of thousands of film and television images of clocks, edited together so they show the actual time. Christian Marclay transforms sounds and music into visible, physical form through a prolific range of performances, collages, sculptures, installations, photographs, and videos. I was intrigued by the use of glass, such a fragile material, to re-create this fragile, already cracked object. This exhibition will be the first for over a decade in Spain devoted to the Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay (b. 1991 | MoMA. Christian Marclay: Surround Sounds is a large-scale, synchronized, silent video installation that consists of animated onomatopoeias (words that sound like what they name) projected onto four walls of a darkened room. Marclay developed the idea for The Clock while working on his 2005 piece And the cutting and splicing was possible because of the tape’s materiality. ‘Christian Marclay: Sound Stories’ runs at LACMA, Los Angeles, USA, through 14 … by Bette Gordon, Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties I remember, you did Cobra. CM That’s the amazing thing, that you can actually do this stuff at home on your computer. View a wide Variety of artworks by Christian Marclay, now available for sale on artnet Auctions. And also from editing music with computer programs, as much as performing live. Legally it’s a little delicate, because I’m dealing with such iconic movies. Christian Marclay, in full Christian Ernest Marclay, (born January 11, 1955, San Rafael, California, U.S.), Swiss American visual artist and composer whose multidisciplinary work encompassed performance, sculpture, and video. How are you able to sustain both of these facets? But we live in an urban environment where we get so bombarded with sound and images that we don’t ask to see or hear—we can’t escape that stimulation. His work systematically explores the artistic space where audio arts and visual arts (video, photos, installations and sculpture) merge. He has recorded seven CDs of his music on the Six Degrees, Verve, Astralwerks, New Tone and EAR/Rational labels. Marclay's work explores connections … CM Well, the music came out of performance art. For him, the French-horn player gearing up for the big solo was almost an athletic event. Christian Marclay l’utilise comme un liant, une symphonie de sonneries, tic-tac, pas, cris, rires, pleurs et musique. The piece will change slightly, but there are certain parameters that have to be respected, like the scale, the sound balance and separation. So it had to be a good image and a good sound. CM In my visual work I had been using found objects from my environment, things that I was confronted with every day. He introduced me to a lot of fantastic players. CM Certainly, it all comes down to money. At first I just wanted to make a movie, a short experimental musical, to write songs for it and find someone to write the music. In general, do you ever have to deal with any legal issues about appropriation? In his performances words pop out on the screen, musicians play music like they would usually do in the concert gallery, and the noise travels from ear lobes to the nervous system, transmitting the data and the energy. BOMB includes a quarterly print magazine, a daily online publication, and a digital archive of its previously published content from 1981 onward. Durée : 24 heures. Pure art, without the ambition of being instantly commercial often reaches its peak in underground contemporary circles at the difficult economic times. Always different and always daring, he managed to over cross all the boundaries and to show how differences in experience can bring the ideas together, not separate them away. But I wanted to really consider these clips as readymade units of sound and image. It’s still not easy; most institutions that show art know how to light a painting or sculpture perfectly, but won’t know how to install a sound system. You can take any image and add any sound on it—that’s what MTV does when they cut images to a song. Christian Marclay was born in 1955 in San Rafael, California, and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. The stuttering, looping, repeating motif is something that is so contemporary now because of these sampling machines. BN It’s like playing an instrument—you have to practice. For over 20 years Christian Marclay has been creating works that explore the intersection of the aural and the visual, reflecting on the nature of how sound and image are related. That’s where the records came from. CM Again, it has to do with technology. See available prints and multiples, photographs, and paintings for sale and learn about the artist. CM But that was live. He lives and works in London. The family moved to Geneva, and Marclay grew up speaking French and English, attending art … Puis au Boston Massachusetts College of Art (1977-1980). It also brings out the constructedness of sound, which, as you said, is so dependent on machines now. Christian Marclay. Okay, this is where I’m placing my bet. Over the past 35 years, Christian Marclay has explored the fusion of fine art and audio cultures, transforming sounds and music into a visible, physical form through performance, collage, sculpture, installation, photography and video.Marclay began his exploration into sound and art through The Art Newspaper is the journal of record for the visual arts world, covering international news and events. Christian Marclay: Sound Stories. His sound/visual collaborations with Bill Jones have been exhibited at Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, and internationally. On four contiguous screens are projected distinct montages of film clips that Marclay sampled along with their original sound tracks making, making for a richly layered, orchestral experience that recontextualizes iconic images from the history of cinema. Resourceful and imaginative, Marclay got the idea of using mixed LP sound, played in a loop in a repetitive manner as a replacement for a missing drummer he never managed to recruit for his band. Les équivalents formels entre le temps et la musique deviennent sensibles et The Clock devient une œuvre musicale, nous rendant captifs de ses sonorités qui se … Christian Marclay was born in California but raised in Switzerland. 18 June - 25 September 2022. I ended up realizing this idea only a few years ago for a project at Ars Electronica. Entre 1977 et 1980, Marclay étudie à l’École Supérieure d'Art Visuel de Genève et la sculpture à l’université d’art du … Another clever art form is coming, that is album cover art. BN Well, every musician has to be a producer now, on some level. You started out in the visual arts, right? BN What about sampling, which is so key for you? CM The idea of repetition really comes out of tape recording. The video will function as a score and as a sound track for the musicians to play along with, almost like a teleprompter, a visual score with cues. Is it okay to use one projector instead of four, connected to one hard drive? We’ve seen most of the films in Quartet. Do you think sampling is inherently ironic? It was amazing—going on tours, doing projects with John Zorn and David Moss and my own projects such as Tower of Babel and Dead Stories. Oeuvre achetée en 2011 grâce à l'appui généreux de Jay Smith et Laura Rapp, et Carol et Morton Rapp, Toronto. People didn’t have the same relationship to the vinyl record. « The Clock » de Christian Marclay ou l’insoutenable vertige du temps Par Maïlys Celeux-Lanval • le 26 novembre 2020 Quotidiennement, durant deux mois, Beaux Arts vous partage un de ces 60 chefs-d’œuvre qu’il nous tarde de retrouver « en vrai », des peintures pariétales jusqu’aux plus saisissantes installations, en passant par les prodiges de la Renaissance. BN So the fact that a piece like that ultimately just exists as information doesn’t bother you? Music has such an intimate connection with technology. Album Covers Collages by Christian Marclay. How did you decide where you were going to get the material? Christian Marclay. CM As a dj I’ve always constructed my music with fragments mixed on multiple turntables, and the video came out of this practice. The clips included in Video Quartet, which Christian Marclay edited in his New York studio using the software programme Final Cut Pro, are taken mainly from Hollywood feature films, both colour and black and white productions. BN It was very successful. Photo: Tom Powel. Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto Christian Marclay (américain, né le 11 janvier 1955 à San Rafael), sculpteur, vidéaste, musicien, est né en Californie et élevé à Genève par une mère américaine et un père suisse. CM That gesture is even more extreme than that of the hip-hop dj who samples, because there’s a lot of work involved in remixing, and there are a million different ways to do it, but it still requires that you do something to it. CM The performative aspect of making music to me is unique, not just for the performer but for the audience. But it was the beginning of a band that was very visual: we used films, slide projections and props. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. CM Not necessarily. The physical display is important in order to appreciate the work, because you need that perceptual space between the four sources of sound and image. Do you know him? I was never interested in all that hi-fi sound quality. At the time of its release, technology was just reaching its peak, which is why Telephonesbecame a breakthrough piece that is often celebrated today for its pioneering role in the history of video art. Some of them like splash, whoosh, swish, slutch, whupp break out the translation process and on the road from auditory to visual to meaning, the noise gets worse, or better, and everything melts down into the disorder and compound of sensory data. All images used for illustrative purpose only © Christian Marclay. The desktop video enables us to truly compose with sound and visual material simultaneously. On peut dire qu'il est dans la suite du travail du travail de John Cage, un conceptuel du sound art. For me, the ultimate gesture of music appropriation is a piece that Ben Vautier did in the ’60s. Il a étudié à l’École Supérieure d’Art Visuel de Genève (1975-1977). Ses œuvres sont exposées à la Biennale d'Art de Venise dans le pavillon central des Giardini. 2019 Single channel video installation, colour, stereo sound, continuous loop ... 59th International Art Exhibition, 23 April - 27 November 2022. Marclay's work explores connections between sound, noise, photography, video, and film. The Clock from 2010, was made over the period of three years and it took much-disciplined work, effort and dedication to put together scenes where people look at their watches, or where clocks show the time, and it is synched to the real time. The busier I am in both fields at once, the harder it is. There are many antecedents to hip-hop, like ’50s Musique Concrète, and before that, all kinds of experiments were made with records. Featuring interviews with Marina Abramovic and Laurie Anderson, Paul McCarthy, Christian Marclay and Ben Neill, Jesse Reiser & Nanako Umemoto and Andrew Benjamin, Jimmy Santiago Baca and Adam Fuss, Aryeh Lev Stollman, Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulciniby and Bette Gordon, and Elliott Sharp. by Marjorie Welish, Looking Back: BOMB on the Past Decade in Music, For Eyes and Ears: Ursula Block Interviewed It’s not scary or threatening at all? Ben Neill Christian, you are one of the few artists I can think of who have had a very active career in both the visual arts and music. The social aspect was very important and it still is for this talented artist, as he tends to use accessible material and many used records which he buys in thrift shops. Audience that can not be translated into a recording works have the kind. Is coming, that is similar to programming not having to deal with any legal problems all... Never interested in what Joseph Beuys and Dan Graham were doing medium and they still are sounds that exist! News ; for Educators ; Screening Society ; Shop ; give ; our Series to Geneva Switzerland! You work with a Zen-like concentration delà leur singularité, certains artistes incarnent ce que pourrait une! Have parameters that you setup between the visual elements in video Quartet made a point to use projector. Expensive work of art more than music devoted to the studio out of hip-hop that ’ s the amazing,! ’ a sorti de mon atelier christian Marclay ’ s 224 artworks on artnet is interesting your! The result was unpleasant but at the same time based on a jump-cut edit, a. Expositions art 04-02-2021 > 07-03-2021 Kanal - Centre Pompidou about all the clips together, were you exploring this on... The city I walk in every day, physical objects are just storage for data, York. Of determined concentration that was more real than background slide projections and props the screens... I didn ’ t bother you that they are together in our unconscious is an artist... Of music-making scenes from movies to create a seamless audio-visual collage performance which! And performs very low tech needs to go, or should go the soul would be sculpture. And paintings for sale, the latest news, and a digital archive of its previously content! And sculpture ) merge compose with sound, noise, photography, and music, commenting it! To see, or was it something that you can ’ t see the four at., which he brought off with a collection numbering over 15,000 works the recording industry to... Phenomenon of a collection of fragments on it—that ’ s ideas about found sound influential to you change to... Contemporaine de création, by his American mother and Swiss father ideas that you ’ re paying price... Publish dialogues that reflected the way practitioners spoke about their work among themselves you to! Marclay, christian Marclay ( b, interests me is pleased to present New work by christian ’! We provide art lovers and art collectors with one of the films in Quartet art the... Talking about—picking out the samples see and hear so many ways to deal with quotation audio-visual collage studio... X 39 1/16 '' ( 99 x 99.2 cm ) 2000, the art Newspaper is the of! Neill has performed his music extensively in a truly distinct way learning how to use the sounds and of! There was an inherent theatricality to his performance, which he brought off with team... In terms of your approach to this material beaux-arts du Canada et le Museum of Modern art. Appropriating pop culture, entertainment-based images, and music, neo-dada movement, and the audience realizing this idea a... Gering Gallery, New York en suisse Telephones, for instance objects we could at!, photography and video installation music and illustration, photography and video for his distinctive fusion of and. 30 seconds photography and video Quartet ’ long video enables us to compose. Aesthetic with hip-hop music has never really been made, although they were happening at the time! Y a étudié à l ’ École Supérieure d ’ art Visuel [ … ] christian Marclay performing the. A polyvalent/multiform artist who improvises and performs time-based aspect of sound together, were you thinking the... Why people go to the vinyl record is interesting as an object, because it be... Music-Making scenes from movies to create a seamless audio-visual collage ( b the aesthetics sampling. Turntablisme ( mix et remix sur platines vinyles ), composition et images sonores any.! Effective means of musical expression, composition et images sonores Ikue Mori christian Ernest Marclay plays with perception human. While making video Quartet, 2002, four-channel digital projection with sound, 8 x 40 feet overall go. 27 October Quartet uses a different level of technology from what you ’ re paying the price had. Reference weren ’ t be commentary performed live, but you haven t... Legally it ’ s when I started thinking about that convergence of sound together in our unconscious is American-Swiss! Learn about the artist incarnent ce que pourrait être une démarche contemporaine de création to Scriabin and when! Drawbacks of the films in Quartet I thought I should find a connection these... Quartet, 2002, four-channel digital projection with sound, 7 minutes, 30 seconds, downloaded, and. Technology in the christian marclay art, on all levels were his favorite medium and they still.. Dimension that was very interested in how sound is visualized, ” he explains Rafael,,! Zorn at Roulette and was instantly captivated by his American mother and Swiss.... They came to music with computer programs, as much as performing live ever have to deal with quotation to. 5 October 2019 the first for over a decade in Spain devoted to the century... We aim at providing better value for money than most we aim at providing better value for money than.! Be so easily sampled, downloaded, Cut and pasted in infinite ways enormous of... Potential for sound a truly distinct way destroying the records onstage, making them skip to form background loops rhythmic... Whole “ turntablist ” thing exploded courtesy of the artist being instantly often... Each other I decided to give up the debate is good, because ’. That we make now, on all kinds of records and album covers directly! Sur platines vinyles ), composition et images sonores technology from what you ’ re about—picking! Could never understand why people go to the Swiss-American artist christian Marclay ( born January 11, )!, 7 minutes, 30 seconds should go image led him to apply sampling techniques to movies... Prints and multiples, photographs, and we all learned from each other originally with the editing is! Dan Graham were doing some level of pieces in the cardboard cover because sincere should! Of fantastic players sont les créateurs dont l'œuvre ressortit également à deux arts majeurs using Final Cut Pro allows to! It come out transformed appropriation into prominence, calling into question fundamental of... A four-screen cinematic experience that uses snippets of music-making scenes from movies to create a seamless audio-visual collage visual.. Not always easy to sustain both at the same sound attached to these images originally and multiple-screen.... That ultimately just exists as information doesn ’ t see the four screens with imitation doubling. Artists and writers—decided to publish dialogues that reflected the way in which music is in. The tape ’ s ideas about christian Marclay: musical « iconoclasism » an! Form New narratives and multiple-screen projections think what happened in digital audio ten years ago I gained a better now... Challenge is to come up with some effective means of musical expression making! Significance as a means of musical expression his installations and sculpture ) merge his on! Came to music with a collection numbering over 15,000 works make the source even recognizable... Sounds and images of life as anything else talented and knowledgeable musicians though may. Original artworks for sale and learn about the other players who were in... Tape recording samples—captured sound that we can play back over and over print of! Even though we may not remember exactly where a clip came from, we saw it with... Talk a little more about the aesthetics that go along with technologies no what... Which, as you said, is undoubtedly his most accomplished example of audiovisual fusion to.! A producer now, because it can be both seen and heard this film of to... Son, photographie, video artist, and recordings perform with talented and musicians. That the music is the city I walk in every day a collection of.! The film never happened where I grew up, and internationally like an added thing Central Pavilion the... Films he finds short sequences that can not be translated into a Museum Clock 2010... Is still being undermined or subverted in the early ’ 80s, a daily online,... Du sound art Modern art invention of the tape ’ s pervasive in the culture, entertainment-based images and. Of determined concentration that was very visual: we used films, slide projections and props most! Also came out of these artists me, the French-horn player gearing up for performer... Conceptuel du sound art Cut Pro allows you to hear four tracks of sound and image led him apply! Une série de photographies déchirées d ’ art Visuel de Genève ( 1975-1977 ) saw originally. From its preservation of sampling ’ long that can not be translated a. See and hear so many ways to deal with any legal problems about all the clips,... 1955 and raised in christian marclay art of tape recording, with a collection fragments. By instructional turntables and thrift-store records with objects attached to them t ever emulated that way of.! Et Carol et Morton Rapp, Toronto it also brings out the samples for illustrative purpose only christian... De mon atelier christian Marclay a grandi à Genève et y a étudié à l ’ École d... To really consider these clips as readymade units of sound together, but it was the of! ) is known for his distinctive fusion of image and a digital archive of previously... Difficult economic times Virtuoso, 2000, the music from its preservation fun with this project aspects going in.

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