1975 Catalog Sup. In this article we take a look at the Grand Seiko watches included in the 1972 Special Luxury Catalogue, which featured three “Very Fine Adjusted” references – two of which were making their debut appearance in a catalogue, four watches from the 56GS series, and two from the 45GS series. 1969 JDM Seiko 6106-6410 5 Sports Sport Diver. Find great deals on eBay for seiko 1972. Reproduction of images, text, product data and data structure expressly forbidden without prior written permission. 2. 1. All copyrights and content belong to Seiko. Please click on the following link for an index to all articles on Seiko catalogues from the vintage Grand Seiko era. From 1970 through to 1972, we have detailed no fewer than 40 new Grand Seiko references debuting in the catalogues. Seiko’s Cal. 3800A (38QT) Suwa Seikosha 38 Stream Overview. … On the right is a watch that is clearly new to this catalogue, with its blue dial. sold out. Please use respectfully to learn more about your older model Seiko … The 1972 catalogue kicks off with two steel-cased watches that presumably were intended to replace the original Astrons in the range (the Astron’s sole appearance was in the 1970 Special Luxury Catalogue). Let’s now take a look at those featured in this catalogue. 1972 Catalog. Quick view. When I received the watch as a gift from a collector on another forum, it had a leather strap. It would seem that, after being on sale for just one year, Grand Seiko decided to update this reference by changing the earlier linen textured dial with a “starlight” one. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The model featured – whilst sharing the same catalogue code of 6185 030 – is different to the one pictured in 1971’s volume 2 and Special luxury catalogues. The final 56GS reference featured in the catalogue is the 5641-5000. 1 (partial) 1975 Catalog Vol. As can be seen in the above comparison – with the earlier reference on the left, and the one from this catalogue on the right – there are a few key differences on the dials of the two watches that should be highlighted. Immediately below it is what initially looks to be the same watch, but as hinted at by the -086 suffix to the catalogue code, it actually has a different dial. The driving force behind Grand Seiko was to create the “ideal” watch, and one of the most important aspects of that ideal was precision. (Please note that the scans have been spread across two galleries. We design and develop our own movements using leading-edge technology. 1975 Catalog Vol. 1. In 1966 Seiko began producing a unified product catalog for the Japanese domestic market. Unfortunately for those of us with a love for the mechanical vintage Grand Seikos, that meant they would lose. With a catalogue code of 5646-8000. the two watches pictured above only ever feature in catalogues shown on their bracelets. In your experience, how often do original ‘69 Quartz Astrons appear for sale (working or not) and how much do you estimate one would bring? 1966 Seiko 6216-9000 Seikomatic "Baby Grand" 0.00. 2”, but later changed to “Volume 1” and “Volume 2”), towards the end of the year a supplement to the second catalogue would be published. We don’t just list the watches that we have for sale in the anticipation that customers will add them to their collections – we also list watches that we have never had in stock, along with as much data about those watches as we can glean. These catalog PDFs have been collected from readily public sources and grouped here in one giant library to make finding information on your vintage or older Seiko watch possible. As we will discover in the coming articles on the subsequent catalogues, the introduction of quartz really does start to decimate the Grand Seiko offer, with the number represented in the next regular catalogue dropping by almost half. The earlier references is by far the rarer of the two. All content copyright The Grand Seiko Guy. The intent is to be a reliable source of information about exactly which references were created by Grand Seiko, and to provide data on those references. I'll upload it to the watch photo database. Cal. Reproduction of images, text, product data and data structure expressly forbidden without prior written permission. Finally, the model introduced in this catalogue has the 6185B movement, whereas that featured in earlier catalogues has the 6185A movement. … 3883. These days, it is fairly uncommon to come across these references still on their bracelets as presumably most have broken over the many decades that they have been around. As per usual, we will be focusing on the changes from the previous catalogue, highlighting the watches that debut here, and also mentioning those that were dropped from the range. Vintage Grand Seiko movement part breakdowns. Here on Fratello, we ran an in-depth article on Seiko’s vintage Sport Divers and this made a lot of sense because the watches are truly sporty, contain rotating bezels and other things that collectors desire. The 1972 catalog was updated with a series of loose leaf additional pages. Quartz was not just here to stay – it was here to win. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That no quartz timepieces were featured in the 1971 regular catalogues is very informative. But clearly – and once more, this is where detailed research into the Seiko catalogues of the time can prove to be such an educationally rewarding endeavour – this is not the case. Clearly there were significant technical hurdles to overcome before quartz would go mainstream, hurdles we believe are exemplified by the apparent cancellation of the release of the 36SQC 011, and the reported reliability issues with the original Astrons. Watches/Parts - Other. Seiko Watchband Catalogue – 1972/No.1. Suwa Seikosha 38 Stream Family. Your email address will not be published. 1974 Catalog Vol. Page nine of the catalogue continues the pattern (no doubt entirely coincidental) of another two new watches being featured, both with movement-case number references of 5646-7010. A dream watch for me if money were no object. 1974 Catalog Vol. From the late 1960’s onwards, Seiko would publish two main catalogues each year that were distributed to retailers. They clearly did remain in the range however, as they reappear in the 1974 volume 1 catalogue, and remain featured through to the 1975 volume 2 catalogue. Turning the page, we find four new references pictured – they are the time and date versions of the four watches detailed above. Questa ambisce ad essere la più completa raccolta di cataloghi e brochure Seiko, organizzati in ordine cronologico. The two watches are however very rare to find available today. 1. 1972 Seiko 6105-8119 150m Sport Diver "Capt. We design and develop our own movements using leading-edge technology. Well, as evidenced by this catalogue, even before the close of the year, all bets were off. 1975 Catalog Sup. 1. 1972 Luxury Catalog. We discussed in our previous article on the Seiko 1972 catalogue that the sole VFA reference featured in it, the 6185-8021, effectively replaced the earlier 6185-8020 reference. Learn how your comment data is processed. Please click on the following link for an index to all articles on Seiko catalogues from the vintage Grand Seiko era. Firstly, the catalogue was not bound like a paperback book, but instead was comprised of loose-leaf pages hole-punched and kept in a blue binder. This being a Special Luxury Catalogue, the VFA’s have to wait behind the 18K gold cased watches before they make an appearance. Not only do we see the introduction of the 3922 and 3923 caliber based Quartz VFA references (eight references in total), but also the earlier 3823 caliber (and newly introduced time only 3820 variant) is now retrospectively being referred to as “VFA”. Required fields are marked *. 1972 Luxury Catalog. This publication was the last Seiko catalogue in which either of the two references that shared the 6185-030 catalogue code made an appearance. In addition to the watches detailed above, there are two references that make their first appearance in a regular catalogue, the 18K gold cased 5641-5000 and 5645-5000 that first appeared in the 1971 Special Luxury Catalogue. The very first VFA’s were manufactured in late 1968, and when put on sale from late 1969, they were guaranteed to be accurate to +/- 1 minute per month. Quick View. As discussed at the top of this article, the 1972 Seiko Catalogue really does mark a turning point in the history of the vintage Grand Seiko range. There are a total of 60 pages in this catalogue, out of which Grand Seiko is only represented on four. More than 100 watches featured on these additional pages, but none were Grand Seiko, and thus it can be assumed that the Grand Seiko range remained constant over the course of the year. Original Seiko Stem movement 10C 1004 1020C 1040A 1944A 1944B 1944AB 1964 Stem image is for … Velikost: Datum vytvoření: EXIF: GPS: 381 KB 29.10.2009: (c) 2009 xcen3. 1973 Catalog Vol. In addition to the half-yearly catalogues (originally titled “No.1” and “No. which is the AC003m, which sold for $49.50 in 1972. And it won’t be their last! All 4520/2-7000 variants, with their spectacular angled cases, have been dropped; along with the oval cased 4520/2-7010’s; and the stainless steel cased 4520/2-8000. 38 series was the first volume-production quartz movement family from Seiko. Notably, the blue dialed watch seen here does – in almost all examples that we have seen – fade to a dark grey colour. We are confident that currently this site contains the most complete, accurate and detailed information on the historical Grand Seiko references that you will find anywhere. 1975 Catalog Vol. With the 12 new references detailed above introduced, it doesn’t take a maths genius to work out that means 12 references have been dropped from the range.

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