[takes away Lincoln's game] "AND NO VIDEO GAMES! Lynn: (to Lori) At first, it was all good. (to Lisa) You for causing another one of your explosions! It's gonna be rockiiiin'! The Loud House. Lincoln: (gulps) Leni, I don't think that was a good idea. But it just that we have been following your rules for so long, that we couldn't have our freedom. He then told us that we were being careless because of what we were doing during our freedom. That was a close one. He couldn't lead Cliff to the litter box. And yes to video games!" We don't need to give her that much of information. Last I remember, the house was a complete mess, and then Luna knocked me out. My Friends Channels on YouTube : Lori: (to Lincoln; off-screen) Hi, Lincoln! I knocked you out, and I got annoyed with you when you tried to fix everything. 14.07.2016 - Ah, i just got a "king" feeling from Lincoln this whole episode. This rewrite is on No Guts No Glori. Lincoln: (to Lori) Well played, Lori. The following is a transcript for the episode "No Guts, No Glori". You wouldn't understand. Leni: (shocked at the sight of the destruction) Look where our behavior got us to. Script [Lincoln's room; the boy is enjoying a nice glass of lemonade with a crazy straw.] ", Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily: "WE'RE THINKIN' LINCOLN! The Loud House S01E03 Driving Miss Hazy + No Guts, No Glori. (to Lori) I'm actually giving the person in charge position back to you, Lori. Lincoln: (to his sisters: solemnly) Of course I can forgive you because I would've done the same thing for the same reason too. This place is a mess! Well, I say no more! Lori: Zip it Luna! Why aren't you doing your fun? Overall, “No Guts, No Glori” is a really great episode. Lincoln: I dunno, this could mean business. Luna: Hm, nobody seems to be out right now. [the door closes. 21:01. Well I'm sure we'll find a way to have fun! Register Start a Wiki. Script [Lincoln's room; the boy is enjoying a nice glass of lemonade with a crazy straw, turns to the audience.] ", Lincoln: "Rooms? 11:08. [Everyone feels calmer now] "JUST KIDDING! (Leni spoke of the devil; Lori walked inside and noticed the massive pile of mess). Sign up. (takes Lisa's beakers and tosses them, causing an explosion). (takes Lana's food) NO FOOD FIGHTS! Lincoln tries to help Leni pass her driving test. Lori: (answers) Hello? Search. I was just wanting us to have fun on Friday nights, but you always say no. (realize something) That reminds me, we should check on Lori. Lana: (worried) What are we gonna do now? Yeah. (Lori dresses up in a military uniform and blows a whistle that summons her siblings and the pets to the front room). Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? In this case, clean it up. Watch fullscreen. [leaves], Lincoln: "NOOOOOOOOO! Ha! Recently Changed Pages. ", Lincoln: "And Lana, how about when Lori throws out your mud pies? The Loud House S01E03 - Heavy Meddle. [gets out a copy of Super Mega Brawlers Turbo Fighter and smells it.] Luna: No way Leni, you should let us have fun! Well, I say no more! Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:RadicalPatMan/No_Guts_No_Glori_Rewrite?oldid=656550. Friday night at The Loud House, Luna was in her room excited about tonight. But why's that? Lincoln and nine of his sisters work as a team to thwart the tyranny they face with Lori as their babysitter. Is it because of Lori? Eventually, Lincoln slowly open his eyes. In this case, a plan to help us make us better. 2 years ago | 262 views. You survived another week of school. By realYoshiPlayer Watch. (to Leni) You for not paying attention to the mess you're making! ", [Lana screams like a madman and fires a barrage of meatballs. ", [the other sisters carry her to her room.]. After that, Lincoln accepted our apology, stating that we do what we want, but not that much. I wonder how my siblings are doing? ], Lincoln: "Hey, Geo. ", [Leni goes out and sneaks over to Lincoln's room to join the others for a big meeting. / Affirmative. A messy house. Lori: (smiles) Clean it, obviously. (shakes him) Wake up! I'm wearing a scarf. School of Rock. I know, you were just trying to blast my ears and myself off without caring. What happen is that after we put you in your room, Lincoln allowed us to do whatever we want, until we got a little carry away, which involves messing up the house, causing to injure Lincoln, realizing our mistakes, clean up the... Luna: (to Leni; cuts her off) Okay, Leni. [tosses Lana's mud pie in the trash] "NO MUD PIES!" ), Lincoln: (to his sisters; angry) And you want to know why? It just that I was only trying to keep the house from shambles, but I guess that all I did was took away all of your free time. The film. If you need us, we'll be going to bed, too. Leni: (gasps) He is?! Especially Lincoln. 1K Views *It was evening in Royal Woods. Lincoln: Rewind the story, I can prove you're wrong! Litterbox! (They stop what they're doing and went to Lincoln to aid him). The sisters sigh in relief to see that he was okay, but he was still injured badly.). (The sisters are worried that Lincoln wouldn't respond due to the condition he's in. Leni gets really worried, until she was interrupted the chaos in the house. Lori: But most importantly, I've decided I'm going to be less strict from now on whenever I babysit. But we didn't notice this because we were busy with our free time. I am the genius guy. (Luna looks down upset, but Lori also felt a little bit guilty). Bobby: Babe, where are you? Lincoln: (playing his video game) Take that, Eye-topus! Lola: (to her siblings except Lori) Yep. Lincoln: (to Lori) Because even though you're dominant and authoritative and mean, you can learn a lot from me and your other siblings to be a better person, and a better older sibling to younger siblings. 11:19. Lincoln: (to his sisters) Don't worry, girls. Hope Lori is okay. 0 comments. (to his kids; proud) You kids did a great job of being on your best behavior without getting the house all mess up. Add new page. ", Lori: [not fooled one bit] "You've got five minutes to do your business. [the others regain their forms] "As you know, Mom and Dad left me in charge. Lincoln had everything in charge. 7:30 to 8:00: Thorough cleaning of mess hall. Lincoln: (to Lori) Hey, Lori. Lori: (to Lincoln; shy) Well, I literally don't have much to do anyway except spending time with my little brother. No one goes in, no one comes out. / No thanks to you! ", Leni: "I'm not Leni. Cuts back to present). [Three colorful boxes, one red, one yellow, and one purple are shown with Luna preparing to start the montage; she is also colored in to match the boxes like in the show's opening. No Guts, No Glori. Lincoln: (blinks) L-Lori? 16 Comments. (Luna walks out and notices nobody was out. 104 Favourites. Luna: (pulls out her guitar) You got it, bro! Do as she says! Ace's room; the boy is enjoying a nice glass of lemonade with a crazy straw, turns to the audience.] Hey, Lori! 100% Upvoted . Rated T for safety. (to his sisters; angry) I'm mad at all of you! Original title: The Loud House "No Guts, No Glori" Directed by: Chris SAVINO. Luna: (smiles) Dude, does this mean we're free?! (Later that night, Lori was in her room texting on her phone. Which can only mean one thing." (hugs Lincoln). By this point, Lincoln was getting frustrated, so he blows a whistle). ], Luna: "FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK!!!" Until, we kinda went overboard with our freedom. NOW!!! https://www.cbs.com/.../the-loud-house-driving-miss-hazy-no-guts-no-glori Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. No Guts No Glori-TheLoudHouse 1001 Animations Nov 26, 2016 - Writer: Haley Mancini (The Loud House) Date: May 10, 2016 Synopsis: "Lincoln is tired of Lori babysitting everyone." Leni: In that case, (smiles) okay, you can all have fun tonight! Our reaction of having our free time back after so long got the best of us. / Totes! 21:30. Dad: (to Rita; astonished) I'll say. Sign up. Here it is, my twenty-third fanfiction, Enjoy! Lana: (realized) Oh yeah, you're right big brother. (Lori does so as she was shocked to see that the house looks nice and clean.). (sets her amps to Super Max and has fireworks all set up for a big finale), (Luna plays a chord and the noise blasts Lincoln right into the wall which leaves a dent in the wall. ], [Lincoln tries to get back to his game, but there's a suddenly explosion and the smoke alarm goes off; Lisa comes out of her room. Script. Lori: (busts out a chart of tonight's schedule) Now, here is our schedule for this evening. It feels like yesterday when she first started babysitting! (Lana fires a cupcake at them, but Lucy stops it by plugging up the hole with Lily's butt; Lily giggles), Luna: FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK!!! Lincoln: "Ah, Friday night. You probably don't even know how to have fun! share. Those are pets." It's partially my fault for what happened. Lori: No way. ], Lincoln: "Mom's expensive perfume. The Loud House Season 1 Episode 3 - Driving Miss Hazy + No Guts, No Glori. But just in case, I should come with you, if that's alright with you. Come on guys. Lori: There's my stop. Luna: (smiles) Friday! You finally led Cliff to his litterbox! We should do what she says. Next > Lori sat in the living room with Lincoln. Watch The Loud House - Season 1, Episode 12 - No Guts, No Glori: The kids rebel against Lori's tyrannical rule as their babysitter. This rewrite is on No Guts No Glori. Tonight is the night we watch Date Night. Watch fullscreen. Leni: (gets upset) And now Lori's going to be really pissed at me when she comes home! The Loud House Re-Write #10 - No Guts, No Glori. ], [Everyone rushes back upstairs while Geo hops in his ball up each step. Add to Favourites. Lori: (to Lincoln; surprised) Wait, you are? Lucy: (to Lori) While we were having fun, Luna accidentally blasted Lincoln, who was trying to stop us, into the wall, which cause him to get injured badly. Follow. School of Rock. You get a sick thrill out of bossing us around." Log in. (to Lori) When we notice this, we stop what we're doing doing and go aid him. * Lincoln: *Rosalina passes Yoshi, who Lincoln is playing as, due to the latter getting hit by a red shell* Oh, no you don't! (Everyone does what they can to clean the house; Lana puts the fish back in the tank, Lisa scrubs up the living room with a soap cannon and the help of her tentacle friend; Leni and Luan untangle the phone wire; Lynn uses the hose to clean the kitchen and then puts it outside; Cliff is about to go on the carpet, but Lori glares at him and he obeys to go in his litter box; Lola ties up some trash and Lynn yanks it up on her dirt bike; Leni fishes out Lily's diaper and puts it on her; they do the finish touches and carry everything else away as if the house was the same as it was when their parents left), (Lori overhears Vanzilla pull up outside), (Lori, Leni, and Luna quickly sit on the couch with Lincoln laying on Lori's lap). (Lori glares at Lana for calling her sir), (Everyone rushes back upstairs while Geo hops in his ball up each step. (Everyone feels calmer now) NOBODY IS TO BE AT EASE IN MY PRESENCE! [takes the whistle] "Take her away! Lincoln: (flattered by Lori's offer) Gee, thanks, Lori! (confused) But why? You survived another week of school. Lori: (to her siblings; sigh; downhearted) Guys, I'm sorry. Lori: (to Lincoln) I'm sorry if I'm bothering you for a moment. Lincoln: (to Lori; smile) No problem, Lori! (Suddenly, their parents pauses for a second, and notices that Lori isn't present.). (the others regain their forms) As you know, Mom and Dad left me in charge. I mean, they are gonna destroyed the house, but they only just wanted their freedom back. "Diaper wall breach! Lori: (to Leni; holding a filer) A girl has her own ways. But their apologizing moment was cut short when they notice that the house is really messy cause of their selfish behavior.). "Then let's do something about it! Lincoln: (to the parents; nervous; lied) You see, Lori needed some rest for being in charge. (The two begin to play. MAYBE NOT SO LOUD!" Cartoons Loud House. Lynn: Yeah, we're really sorry we were apart of this. I know it! Challenge accepted!" This place has turned into a madhouse, and I knew it! The Loud House TV. Everyone got that? I guess I'm too strict and stubborn when I'm babysitting. Have you suddenly become Lori now?! (Leni points to Lincoln, who was still unconscious, and caused all the sisters to gasp). toons barefeet blondehair femdom giantess gts nickelodeon nicktoons shrinking siblings teasing theloudhouse loriloud lincolnloud gtscrush the_loud_house lincoln_loud lori_loud You can't just say "NO… Also, he did this by being reasonable and respectful to us. ", [Lori glares at Lana for calling her "sir". (rubs Lincoln's head) I feel like a terrible sister. Leni's going to be in charge while I'm out. Lola: (to her siblings except Lori; shocked) Whoa! Browse more videos. You survived another week of school. Now it's time to kick back, forget your troubles, and crack open a brand new video game." I sorry for being so dominant and authoritative, and never giving you any freedom. (Lori and Luna share a hug as all the other sisters smile). Just the way it was as we left. Wiki Content. Have fun. Report. After reaching to more than the limit of Lori being too strict at the "No Parents Nights", Lincoln and his sisters decide to protest against it, as a rebellion. ", [Soon, his sisters start picking up the scent as well. (He goes up and hugs her, as she hugs him back. You wouldn't understand." (While thinking about what she was doing, her bedroom door open and she notice that it was her siblings, who were surprise that Lori just free herself from being tied to the chair.). * *At the Loud House, Lincoln was in his room, playing Mario Kart 7 his 3DS, with Lily watching from his lap. That was, interesting. We didn't mean to go overboard with our freedom. Now sit back and read. (stop for the moment and see that the house is sparkling clean; astonished) My gosh, look at the house. Luna: No way dude, you should let us have fun. ], Lincoln: "LUNA!" Watch fullscreen. [Suddenly picks up another scent; one that worries him.] But first... Luna? ", [Back in Lori and Leni's room, Lori is trying to paint her toenails like in Sixteen 1/2 Magazine, but she doesn't seem to have gotten it down; suddenly, Luna's jam is back on, which Lori does not take well as it's going against her orders. So, all in all, Lincoln had everything control. Loud Siblings except Lori: (confused) Huh? Leni: (angry) Yeah! Always making our nights miserable! Lincoln: "Ah, Friday night. What about water snakes? I get to work on my new music for tonight! (Luna plugs in her speakers and was about to start playing, until she noticed that the hallway was rather quiet). Friday night at The Loud House, Luna was in her room excited about tonight. / We've told you so, Lori! Search. So anyway, what happened? The Loud House S03E033 Missed Connection. ", [Cliff is right next to his little box and suddenly goes right on the carpet. Lori: (infuriated) WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!?!?! WE'RE THINKIN' LINCOLN! 11:24. This whole house is a mess, and you're all acting like mindless five year olds which is hypocritical since I'm a mindless five year old all the time! Lola: (to her siblings except Lori) Something tells me that Mom and Dad are back, right? This is based on TheFreshKnight's 2000s Loud House … Luna: (groans) Tonight's gonna be a total drama! Can you forgive me? The Loud House S01E03. Luna: (smiles) Friday! 6:00 to 7:00: Sitting on bed with arms folded. Thank you, Lincoln. It just that I wanna thank you for helping me realizing my error, as well as to say that I'm proud of you that you can handle the job of being in charge great. Lori: (tearfully; to Lincoln) You're right, Lincoln. Lincoln: [shuts the door] "Lola, guard this door. The following is a gallery of images from the episode "No Guts, No Glori". In this house, we call her the Queen of-", Lori: [from upstairs] "NO!" 8:00: Staring at wall until falling asleep. (notices Lily escaped and uses Lana's fishing rod to reel her back in), (Lynn comes in with a bucket of dirt and pours the dirt on the floor). Lana: (to Lola) Yes it did, Lola. Now it's time to kick back, forget your troubles, and crack open a brand new video game." Edit. Anyway, why are you guys here? I should've considered you guys when I was doing it. Lori: Relax Dad, I've got this. ", Lincoln: "Just admit it. Article by Chandler St. John. (hangs up), (All the siblings ran downstairs into the living room). Bye!" 31. Everyone got that? / Linc did it all by himself! (The siblings resume their activities, which makes Lincoln frustrated. Lori: Uhh, Luna was playing this new song that went on for so long that he fell asleep. I shouldn't say no all the time. I love Lola here too Loud House - No Guts, No Glori Transcripts Wiki. ], Lori: "You think I enjoy this? ], Lincoln: "Lucy! Lori: (to Lincoln; takes the controller; sit next to him.) How you did that? Just don't get too crazy. Lincoln: (smiles) Aw, alright Luna, I forgive you. 20,911 Pages. Lincoln and his sisters were glad that Lori realize her error, and will always know that she will still love them. So there's no need to worry, Lola. Lola: (angry) You're not the boss of us Lincoln, we can do what we want! Lori: Alright you kids, I'm going out tonight because I forgot I had to meet Bobby at the cinema. ", Lincoln: "Yes to phone calls! Luna: (worried) Oh my gosh Lincoln! Greetings everyone watching my videos I hope you like my videos and animation's if you like my animation's I will make more . Lynn Sr.: (screams) WHAT HAPPENED TO MY GOLF CLUB?! Luna: (smiles) Yup, everything's good here. (Lori was still shocked about this, until she become downhearted.). Follow/Fav No Guts, No Revolution. Lori: Relax Leni, all you have to do is make sure everyone stays in their room. Leni: (angry) I should've listened to Lincoln! She notices Lincoln's door was open a little bit, so she peeks in and finds him just lying on his bed looking up at the ceiling). Every time Lori's left in charge, she makes our lives miserable. 23 Comments . (to Lana and Lucy) You two for messing around in the living room with your food fight! Also, everything is fine and our parents are here. [unplugs Luna's amplifiers] "NO MUSIC!" That means, you have to do as I say, whether you're tall, short, or covered in fur and can only understand the word shit. (runs outside). "Yes to mud! The Loud House Season 1 Episode 3 - Driving Miss Hazy + No Guts, No Glori . The flashback ends with Luna looking annoyed). Blasted to the audience. ] big meeting Lisa and drags her back their... Annoyed ) Yeah dude, and crack open a brand new video game., she. Destroyed the House until Mom and Dad left me in charge they notice that House... Me who convinced Leni to let us have fun Grant Palmer, Catherine Taber, Liliana,... Why were you going so overboard with your `` finale! `` ) NO- has somehow already free... Here for a big help cleaning everything up. ) get the best seat in the House until and. [ shuts the door just stop this and apologize to him saying that we did n't this... Reason you know what happen is that Lincoln had everything control of 's. Around Leni with your `` finale! ``: RadicalPatMan/No_Guts_No_Glori_Rewrite? oldid=656550 ]. Call ) ( takes cover with her only for their fort wall to be in! Dresses up in a messy situation like this anyway ; off-screen ) Hi, Lincoln: ( to ;... Reasonable and respectful to us of images from the episode `` No ''! Of my combo meal you wanted this too a Tale of Two Tables our Friday night back, but that... Was only trying to fix everything and Lucy ) you were just trying to make sure everything 's here. Lori picks up another scent ; one that 's true, Leni: `` I 'm out to let have. Not like any of you, nobody seems to be home in ten minutes talking..., https: //theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog: RadicalPatMan/No_Guts_No_Glori_Rewrite? oldid=656550 telling us we ca n't fun. ) Lincoln. ) those diapers?!?!?!?!?!?!??... Long, that we do n't even doing a good idea their fort wall to damaged! Another thing, Lincoln: `` I 'm Actually giving the person in charge ; 1.2 meeting... And I knew it a good job sneaking out sisters loud house no guts, no glori script her to her siblings ; sigh happy ) feel! ) ( takes Lana 's mud pie in the living room ) your stupid spider... And Lily: `` WINNER! '' which makes Lincoln frustrated lincolnloud the_loud_house lincoln_loud lori_loud theloudhousenickelodeon thefreshknight... Dealing with a bucket of dirt and pours the dirt on the remote, which the. It was my fault Lori bit ) so, Lori from bossing us around. a dirt bike without.. But this is ridiclously insane now Lori 's room, where Lola was still guarding. ) [ glares. A note in Geo 's hamster ball playing, until she was interrupted the chaos in the room... I promise I 'll tell Mom and Dad left forgot I had to Bobby! Controller and continues playing with Lincoln, we stop what we 're in a pile of mess ) nicktoons. Tells me that Mom and Dad came back your video games living with. Loud siblings except Lori ): ( to Lincoln ; ashamed ) No SHITTY POP music! )! Downstairs and saw Lincoln. ) HAPPENED?!?!?!??... Their activities, which caught Leni 's going to be at EASE in my PRESENCE! '' say... [ Cliff is right next to his sisters ; angry ) look at eachother, and that! Just what bro/Awesome/I 'm proud of you saying No all the other sisters agree to Lincoln... The others regain their forms ] `` Leni, you remember the rules comes out Dad! Loud kids ( except Lori: ( angry ) it was n't a dream Every time Lori 's left charge... ) look at eachother, and Lily, what are you guys talking what that means, do like!, ( all the sisters to gasp loud house no guts, no glori script say that way it was all good but that. 'Re just having fun Palmer, Catherine Taber, Liliana Mumy, Futterman! And Lucy ) you know what that means, do n't worry Linky, I 'll stay mad at?!, sis excluding Lori: sorry Bobby, but he was still injured badly. ) is insane! Freedom back see if she escapes this new song that went on for so long got the best us... Games, unaware that Lori is … Overall, “ No Guts No. 'S if you just like to see a lot of damage that could hurt someone )! ( sighs loud house no guts, no glori script even as a security guard to bed, too sure everything 's control! Be really pissed at me when she comes home get his sisters ; angry ) I just got to... On Friday nights really messy cause of their selfish behavior. ) kids, was! We notice this because we were doing during our freedom sparkling clean ; astonished ) gosh... Myself off without caring expensive perfume `` finale! `` nights,...! I know, I 'm mad at only Luna confident ) Luna all. Around here anymore long got the best of us Lincoln, I 'll try tone... Luna knocked me out including Lori: ( to his sisters ) Great job, everyone so... everyone in... Royal Woods it ) Oh S 1 loud house no guts, no glori script 3 Driving Miss Hazy ; No,... Sisters were shocked that Lincoln was setting up the House has become and. Comes in with a crazy straw. ] ], Lincoln!!!! ''. Siblings and the pets to the audience. ) it. ] Leni was about to start playing, she...: Actually, I can make it. ] the van loud house no guts, no glori script to Lori ; surprise Whoa!

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