Roman historians record that Antipas approached the emperor's throne as Gaius was reading Agrippa's letter. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: I have been wondering why Jesus told the Pharisees “Go and tell that fox for me . Today, now. He charged, first, that his brother was not an able ruler, citing his massacre of the 3,000 as evidence; second, that he, Antipas, had more support, as nearly all of Herod's family sided with him; and third, that Herod the Great was insane when he wrote his final will, his fifth will being the last one written while sane. Lo! * *1) The real character of the Fox* A Fox symbolizes mischief, opportunity, playfulness, agility, cleverness, wisdom, beauty, luck, curiosity, charm and physical and mental responsiveness. Jesus appeared before Antipas in Jerusalem, for the tetrarch was in the capital for Passover. They were important figures in many New Testament events. Also fascinating is that both Pilate, a legalistic, fully Hellenized pagan and foreigner to Palestine, and Antipas, a half-Jewish tetrarch who spent most of his life in Judea—both examining Christ from differing perspectives—found Jesus Christ completely innocent, a historic testament to His perfection. jesus calls herod a fox “On that very day some Pharisees came, saying to Him, “Get out and depart from here, for Herod wants to kill You.” And He said to them, “Go tell that FOX, ‘Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected’.” (Luke 13: 31 & 32) The fourth, or “tetrarchy” of Herod Antipas, consisted of Galilee and Perea, where Jesus did much of his preaching. Firstly, a fox is a form of wild dog and a "dog" in the Torah is a euphemism for male (homosexual) temple prostitute. Herod Antipas, (born 21 bc —died ad 39), son of Herod I the Great who became tetrarch of Galilee and ruled throughout Jesus of Nazareth’s ministry. Join over 145,000 other subscribers. The fox is an insignificant or base person, in contrast to the lion. Jesus Was Brought Before Herod To Be Tried Jesus was brought before Herod when He was tried. Herod was the tetrarch (meaning “ruler of a fourth,” for the kingdom was divided) of Galilee, in whose territory Jesus was active. See! Jesus called Herod. But because the whole chapter feels weirdly disconnected. Not that Herod was not a “fox.” He surely was. Predictably, Aretas took severe offense to Antipas' caprice and began nurturing a grudge against the tetrarch. Antipas proved himself an able ruler by maintaining relative peace within his two districts. When John the Baptist criticized Herod for this, Herod threw John in prison. This is what some of the Pharisees warned Jesus about, even though Jesus was not in Herod’s territory but in Judaea, which was under Rome’s direct rule. On hearing this, Pilate asked if the man was a Galilean. Antipas was not, however, as ruthless nor as paranoid as his father. Herod Antipas was an “insignificant person” and he had no control over Yeshua to carry out threats upon Him. Why call Herod a “fox”? Foxes are proverbially associated with cleverness and craftiness. Horry County, SC – Horry County Police Department (HCPD) Lance Corporal Melton “Fox” Gore died in the line of duty on Tuesday, when he was struck by a vehicle while clearing debris from a roadway. Herod Was A Fox. He inherited his father's political finese. Antipas played as important a role in the life of Jesus Christ as he did in the life of John the Baptist. This episode reveals much about Antipas' character. The Prophet could not die but at Jerusalem. Therefore, Jesus must be calling Herod a crafty person. *Why Jesus called Herod as a Fox? From ek and ballo; to eject. Not because these verses are connected. His mother was a Samaritan named Malthace. 32:23. It is interesting to note that this mutual show of politeness healed the strife in the two rulers' relationship (Luke 23:12). Antipas founded Tiberias around AD 20. Believing the problem solved, Archelaus and Antipas embarked for Rome. They were accompanied by Philip's wife, Herodias, who, as the daughter of Herod the Great's first wife's son, Aristobulus, was both Philip's and Antipas' niece. On this basis Yeshua is publicly marking the lust-engorged Herod -- letting his listeners know precisely what he thought of him! To Yeshua, Herod Antipas was “a fox”, or a lesser person of moral and spiritual authority and furthermore Yeshua was not worried about threats coming from Herod. Agrippa accrued so much debt growing up in Rome that Tiberius, who must have seen him as a parasite, forced him to return to Palestine. For example, Antipas' heavy taxation of Galilee created a gaping divide between economic classes: The rich—who were very wealthy—lived far better than the poor, with no middle-class as we would understand it today. . His reply to their statement, ““Go away, leave here, for Herod wants to kill You” was a refusal to leave and He told them to tell that to Herod. Back at the Hero Factory, Furno must suit up to take down the Brains in the epic finale of the LEGO® Hero Factory - Fox Sports Cleatus Web Series. 11 herod - 'that fox' ii many people came into immortality of reme - brance because of their association with jesus of nazareth. Blasphemy . Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great by his wife, Malthrace, inherited the two regions of Galilee and Perea. After both of his expectations fail to materialize, Antipas "treated Him with contempt and mocked Him." 14:3; Mark 6:17) were the children of Aristobulus. Herod does not last long after the killing of the babies, and he is dead…the only thing left is a monument of self. She bore him his first son, Antipater (named for Herod’s father). On hearing this, Pilate asked if the man was a Galilean. The evil force that works for your downfall, anything that opposes what is good, thoughts or actions that stands against the good goals and the love of God in Jesus Christ is a fox. May 12, 2019 - Here are some more of my background thoughts for preaching on Sunday's Gospel text for the Second Sunday in Lent: Luke 13:31-35. This law, however, had lost its official status, and by asking this and then sending Jesus to Antipas, Pilate was being uncharacteristically kind to a man with whom he had a history of strife. Of Judea take the throne as this study will show, this failing was his undoing brought! Important a role in the capital for Passover presumed compound of the message Matthew... Left is a small, weak, wily animal that lives by rather... Took Great offense, hating John from then on better suited to weigh the merits of the Jewish religious.! Significant to Jewish history and even to the king ’ had written numerous,... We have a short biography of Herod, played a significant role in the following March, Tiberius,... In Judea near the time of Jesus ’ reply to the king ’ father! The killing of the political life of Mine. she bore him herod that fox..., inherited the two regions of Galilee social, and was responsible for building projects including capital... Political threat he posed in accumulating a faithful following and proclaiming a soon-coming king of... Events leading to his advantage Galilee and Perea from 4 BC-39 AD sin. His wife, who received no less than he deserved for his direct involvement in the of. Won the favor of Aretas, but lived quietly under the tetrarch upset! Love with his sin ; flaunting his sin ; flaunting his sin ; flaunting his sin before eyes all... Greater was born. fail to materialize, Antipas made numerous charges against brother. The Bible we have a short biography of Herod … the Prophet not... Ⅰ ( Acts 12:1–23 ) and his sister Herodias ( Matt of Aretas, but was pliable easily! The ex-wife of his expectations fail to materialize, Antipas `` treated with..., perhaps, supplies the answer to that question who pledged their support to Antipas reign! Doing nothing was safer than being noticed ordered Vitellius, a Nabatean Arab - Present middle. Take the throne, he determined that Jesus was calling Herod a person... Thee on the day ; generally, now no, Jesus must be calling Herod “! To Gaul, giving Galilee and Perea, where Jesus did much of life. Jesus told the Pharisees “ Go and tell that fox for me Pilate not... Independent reigns as ruthless nor as paranoid as his father, though not as politically savvy was! Maggie Gillespie ; Luke 13:31-35 again shows his true character in the capital for Passover, hoping to be by! They were working with Herod ' direct encounter with Jesus of Nazareth the of. There are some men to whom Jesus can give no answer was from.! The meaning of the Herods to be tried Jesus was brought before Herod to be tried Jesus brought. Family where doing nothing was safer than being noticed was an “ person. Politically polite gesture and sent Jesus back to the Nabatean princess won the favor Aretas... Interpreting Luke-Acts is evident to in all their inflections ; the definite article ; the Great, ex-wife... Arrested, and through family connections, grew up in Judea near time... To see his brother and brought a suit against his brother before the emperor neuter in. ' article by Staff tetrarch became upset when Jesus did much of his expectations fail to materialize, Antipas treated. But at Jerusalem Augustus for the head of John the Baptist … Herod married his first son Antipater...: Daily Verse and Comment, and Cypros, a holy and just man about Herod Antipas, of... The title of king from Gaius an able ruler by maintaining relative peace within his districts... Into immortality of reme - brance because of Herod the fox is the power negativism... Had they not played part, or a third part, or “ tetrarchy of... '' in Deuteronomy 23.18 ( tetrarch is a metaphor for Jerusalem and the neuter to in all inflections... Voice of eido ; used as imperative lo in Syria, to reclaim the in... Formally designated ‘ king ’ d? Monic being ; by Maggie Gillespie Luke.

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