Cruzan Yacht Charters. Your vacation will be spent relaxing with full access to resort amenities just like a yacht owner. As an example, it takes two whole days on a motor yacht from Miami to Nassau. Chat with the H2O Luxury Yachts team today to start planning your tropical getaway to the Florida Keys today. Florida Keys yacht charters are one of the most popular yachting vacations in the continental US. Since 1980, Cruzan Yacht Charters has offered luxury yacht charters and yachting vacations for our very pleased clients. We have over 1000 yachts throughout Florida, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas, New England and Alaska. We always recommend that our clients pick up their Bahamas charter vessel IN THE BAHAMAS. You can enjoy lounging the front verandah of your condo or at your ocean side table at Tippy’s. The best destinations are in our backyard. Contact by calling the Toll-free number 1-877-677-9539 or the Bahamas office 1-242-332-2221. Your stay will be much like a condo or hotel but this yacht. Qualified sailors can Charter our boats. Sit back, relax and daydream about your Caribbean cruise and soaking in the tropical sun. The crew makes the charter, so they say. The ocean temperature does not dip much below a balmy 75º. Your private luxury catamaran chartering the pristine waters of the Florida Keys and Bahamas. Surprisingly very affordable. If a week like this in the Florida Keys sounds like bliss, we can help. You will, of course, sleep on board and take one or two or more meals a day that are prepared by your private chef on the boat. Ladies and gentlemen we we are excited to announce the sale of Keys Yacht Vacations business. Please PM for details. Vacation rentals available for short and long term stay on Vrbo. Take an expedition exploring the local islands, being wine and dined or take one of our many adventures discovering the deep blue. . Explore Key West, the Florida Keys state parks before and Miami. Boat Miami knows the ins and outs of what would be best for your event. Florida yacht charters are not only in a beautiful and diverse yacht charter location but are also the door to a wonderland of cruising pleasure - the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. A Captain will happily take you and your family on a Day Sailing Trip if you need one. Dine aboard under the stars…or ashore at our island’s favorite Tiki Huts. Sailing the Florida Keys may possibly be the very best way to unwind and explore a corner of the United States that hardly resembles anywhere else in the country – or the world, for that matter. 80% of guests stay at the dock. South Florida Yacht Charters. Perfect for sailing on Florida yacht charters, the 125-mile long string of Florida Keys are exposed portions of an ancient coral reef which extends from Miami's Key Biscayne to the nation's southernmost spot, at Key West. Very true, we offer detailed crew profiles of the best yachts in this area. It is our pleasure to offer up one of the best yacht search engines in the business so you can find the yacht or catamaran that best suits you and your family or friends. Give us a call at 3057582500 or email us at (function(){var ml="br%ti4.shmcaeo0",mi=":8;13<1725>0=;394;946:=9",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j